18 March 2009

Boaz Robert Million

Welcome to the world, sweet Boaz! Congratulations to Miguel and Jordan, the proud parents of this new precious baby. Boaz, I am so excited to meet you, hold you, and watch you grow. Hugs to all three of you wonderful Millions...

Birthdays and Friendships

A very happy 30th birthday to my dear friend Amy! We had a most lovely evening celebrating Amy at Pair, a quaint restaurant in Seattle that Casey and I had never experienced before. You must try it out if you haven't already! I love celebrating birthdays, as it is a time to celebrate a person...who they are, what they mean to you, and to be reminded of the gift of life. January brought a 30th celebration for my other dear friend, Amber, and February marked Christie's 27th birthday. And now March brings birthdays for Amy, Leann, mom, and Angela. So fun! Although I am personally struggling with accepting the fact that I am now officially old as I have exited my "early twenties" phase, I am reminded to be grateful for the gift of each additional year... that life is not something we are entitled to, but rather blessed with and it should never, EVER, be taken for granted. Easier said than done for myself, as I seem to pass by days, weeks, and months without truly remembering how very fortunate I am to be experiencing those days, weeks, and months.
A heart felt thank you to my most incredible Seattle friends. You have made this city feel like home again over the past few years, and for this I am grateful.