18 June 2009

Exciting times...

Here are some snapshots from our life the past several weeks...

Casey's parents came up from California to surprise him in his classroom this past Monday... he felt very loved, and it was wonderful to get some time with them. Thanks Steph and Pops for making the journey!

Casey and I gave my dad a certificate for a foot rub at Foot Reflexology for his birthday this past May. Sunday night he turned in the certificate for the rub, and let's just say that he looked more sore afterwards than he did before. Apparently their "foot" rub includes a head, shoulder, arm, and leg massage as well and a deep tissue approach is utilized... violently pulling limbs and metatarsals to relieve the joints, literally punching the muscles to relax them, etc... I felt so guilty for buying him an abuse session for his birthday.... Sorry again, daddy. I'm glad that you've recovered.
Dinner out before subjecting dad to his "foot" rub

Lindsey's middle brother Jon Jon graduated from IHS this month!!! Congratulations to you Jon Jon, and don't worry... I totally forgive you for becoming a cougar. :)
Casey and one of his Young Life boys spending some quality time with the lamb rug at our place...
A few days at the beach... thank you Kettering family for loaning us your beautiful cabin! We felt very blessed...

This was for Casey.... (it means I love you)

Leann and I
Me and Melanie
Auntie Chelsea with baby Avery.... I love you sweet pea!
Mmmmmm.... fires are good.
Friends... nothing else like 'em. Oh how grateful I am for you all!
Katie and I
Auntie Chelsea and Auntie Melanie with baby Bennett.... love you sweet boy!
Beautiful beach walk
Pictures taken from the third floor of my parent's new beach house
This patio will be a favorite spot, I'm sure!