06 July 2009

Five years...

-Catch each others' eyes, meet, date, fall in love
-Experience an incredible proposal
-Get married in the beautiful northwest
-Cj graduates and passes the NCLEX
-Go to Malawi for the summer
-Move north towards family and away from friends
-Cj gets job
-Buy cat at the pound
-Casey goes back to school and gets teaching credentials
-Casey gets job
-Keep old friends, make amazing new friendships
-Casey takes MCAT, applies for medical school twice and gets accepted
-Buy boxes at U-Haul
-Get excited for new adventure
-Try to not be too sad about leaving family and great, GREAT friends
-Celebrate FIVE YEARS of being married to my best friend
-Stand in awe of our Creator, our God, the King of Kings
-Be thankful
-Be humble
-Trust and be still
-Remember to serve, to be His hands, feet, voice

Thank you, Lord, for the past five years with Casey! You have taught us to love more deeply, to forgive quickly, to listen well, to better encourage one another, and to trust in times of uncertainty. I praise you that you are the foundation on which we stand together. I pray that you would continue to surround us with a hedge of protection, from anything that would get in between us. Guard our minds, eyes, hearts. May we continue to draw closer to you, and closer to one another.

Casey and I switch off every other year for who plans our anniversary celebration and this year it was my turn to surprise him. Seeing as we are leaving Seattle for at least four years, I figured it would be most fitting to do all things Seattle for the day, so I purchased two City Passes! We visited five of the six included attractions... it was a very eventful and memorable day.
Casey and I had never been up the Space Needle together until this day! What a view...

On the bow of an Argosy tour boat
Eating lunch at Pike Place market
Having fun at the Seattle Aquarium
Yes, we have matching sunglasses :) And no, it was not planned that way

I love you darlin'! You will always be my favorite...