23 October 2008

Go Mustangs!

Casey lead a fierce game today, Redmond Junior High versus Kirkland Junior High. The game went into double overtime, and his boys fought hard. I am ever proud of the way that he encourages his players, expects much, guides them, and diligently keeps track of who he plays when to ensure that each boy has a minimum of 4 plays. He is an excellent coach, and he makes me one proud coach's wife!
Football season has only one game left, and although Casey says that he is ready to move on to the next season sans football, I know he will miss his boys. He is a teacher, coach, and Young Life leader who intentionally does not park his relationships at the surface level. He knows his students, players, and Young Life kids personally and deeply and makes a huge impact in their lives largely because of this investment.
At home the leaves continue to turn beautiful shades of yellow, red, and orange. The weather has been crisp, and even somewhat warm compared to past Seattle autumns. I leave the house by 0620 on work days, and I walk to my car bundled in my coat and scarf, crunching leaves with each step. I can see my breath in front of me, and I am greeted by a 1992 Toyota Corolla, the ever faithful Floyd. Yes, summer is most certainly gone, and I fear we will soon enter winter. I need now to remember the motto of one of my nursing professors in college..."Embrace change." Simple, concise, and completely wise.
A prayer request if I may... for interviews. Casey has poured so much into his medical school applications, the primary, and many secondaries, (times 2 years) and now he waits. We wait. We are trying to be patient for interview offers. Please pray for our continued patience, and for interviews. Pray for his soul to be encouraged and his energy level sustained. Thank you.

08 October 2008

Three Amigos

Missing you both, Christie and Miguel. I from time to time have random memories of watching fireworks on the roof, swimming in the ocean to celebrate the end of finals, changing clothes 12 times before finding the perfect outfit, trips to the Yogurt Mill, house sitting for Marsha and losing Buddy, (thank you Jordan, for finding him), henna tattoos, dying hair, hair covering the shower wall, burning our house, our friendly neighbor Maria, working the yacht show for the Crow's Nest, drinking bellinis in Vancouver, Wednesday nights at Oggi's, and late night talks with some of my favorite people... you. Thank you for these memories. Let's not forget to make more. Love you both.

07 October 2008

My brother, my friend

Brother: –noun [bruhth-er] 1. a male offspring having both parents in common with another offspring; a male sibling.

Chelsea's definition:
Brother: as children, someone to fight with and hit. A partner in crime. A playmate in times of boredom. A real, live doll to dress up. An educator for sisters on the subjects of bugs, trucks, guns, swords, lizards, forts, and football. As adults, a friend, a listener, a supporter, an encourager, a buddy, a playmate, a role model. Someone whom you have a kinship with like no other in the world.
Lukey, how grateful I am for you in my life. I love you, my brother.

05 October 2008

Summer memories...

For our fourth wedding anniversary Casey planned a day filled with fun surprises, one being a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. We loved the windy boat ride, and filled our bellies with Mora ice cream, specially made on the island itself!

In August we took part in the Whidbey Island triathlon as members of Team Kim, in honor of Kim Evanger Raney. I took the team approach, and partnered with my dad as he completed the bike portion, and I took on the swim and run. Casey, being the athlete that he is, took on the entire race and did very well as a first time triathlete.

Thanks to Laurel's Seattle-based orthodontist insisting on braces to correct her teeth, we get to see our dear friends the Priddys monthly when they drive west from Coeur d'Alene for Laurel's orthodontist appointments. This last visit included a night out to Gasworks park, Ivar's Seafood, and milkshakes at Alki beach. Perhaps one day we will not have to rely on braces for regular get-togethers, but for now, I am grateful for any excuse.

Our cat, Linus, seems to have grown boobs, so we have officially put him on a diet limiting him to 1/4 cup of low-fat cat food twice a day. It hasn't seemed to help yet, but we continue to monitor for necessary shrinkage. His northern region was only more pronounced after his summer haircut.

My best friend Lindsey turned one quarter of a century old on August 8th. We celebrated with a hot breakfast in her back yard. We have been friends, sisters, for more than a decade. I love you, LFG!

And Casey turned 27! A fun night with family and friends, chop-chop salad and ice cream helped welcome him into his twenty-eighth year of life.

My dad and I completed our second triathlon together, "team Pinnard", we call ourselves. I am glad that he is a fast biker, because we would be hopeless if we were only depending on my swimming skills, or lack thereof.

Thank you summer, for all that you and your sunny weather allow for.

Farewell summer...

Leaves are turning yellow and are quickly making their way to the ground. Sunshine seems to visit us less and less each day. And although I try to keep summer alive by so faithfully wearing my Reef flip flops and ribbed tank tops, my blue tinted toes and the goose bumps that cover my arms tell me I should be doing otherwise. I find myself surrendering to the sweaters in the corner of the closet that have so patiently been awaiting attention. Although less bountiful, last years hot chocolate supply may still be fresh, and I have officially made our first stew dinner of the season. Although only for a short period of time, our power went out last night with much thanks to a bluster sweeping through Kirkland. Thank you flashlights, thank you candles, and thank you Puget Sound Energy for returning to us the light that we have come to depend on. Casey is enjoying his busy days at Redmond Junior High; he is a devoted teacher, to his students' education and more so to their character and personal growth. I get the privilege of observing him coach 35 boys in football... I could not be more proud of him. He is an organized coach who makes his expectations clear to his players, and his constant encouragement and positivity, I believe, carry the team. I watch from the sidelines... players run off the field, helmets on, heads high. Coach Ward greets them. He ducks down, looks his player in the eyes, his hand firmly holding the top of the red helmet. "You did exactly what I asked you to do. Great job out there. I'm proud of you." A hit on the helmet, which I learn in male football world is done out of love and encouragement, and he turns to focus on the next play. When he is not preparing lesson plans, grading tests, coaching football, or playing on one of his three recreational soccer teams, you might find Casey spending time with his Young Life boys. That's right. He just doesn't get enough time with the peri-pubescent population of Redmond between the hours of 0730 and 1630, and thus needs to supplement by serving in Young Life. Again, his dedication to the children he has come to love is wonderful. As for myself, I am staying busy with my sweet hairless population at Seattle Children's. The children continue to teach me, stretch me, and challenge me with their strength and perseverance. Much more so than a healthy, educated adult, a sick young one knows the value of a day, of a breath. I pray that I might also have this outlook on life, the wisdom to value each moment for what it is and not wish it to be another.
So come autumn, come and let us all enjoy what you have to offer. Until sunshine comes again, I will enjoy walking on crunchy leaves, sipping hot apple cider, breathing in cool air, wrapping my neck with a scarf, and wearing only water-proof shoes.