06 July 2011

Liam Vincent

Our hearts are so full of joy and there are simply no words to describe the love we feel for our little one. We thank the Lord for intentionally designing him and allowing us the privilege of being his parents. In our minds, there is no greater role. So as not to delay the delivery of photos any longer while I try put into words all that we have experienced these last 8 weeks, here are some photos for now, and words will follow later...
Our cup overfloweth.

From the beginning... (Well, almost anyways) :)

12 weeks

37 weeks

And thanks to each of you who so lovingly asked me if I was having twins. No, there were not two babies in my womb. Yes, we verified with ultrasound. Due to persistent cramping which started at 10 weeks gestation I was not allowed to exercise (even walking would cause cramping to increase), and I even had to go off work at 33 weeks. So yes, there may have been a few extra pounds gained that I was not too thrilled about...
Did I make you feel bad enough? Ha.
May 11th... Lunch out with the family on the day before Liam's birth! Casey had to miss... so proud of his hard studying though.
Can you see our transverse-lie son? His head rested under my right rib, bum down above my left hip... Although a cesarean section was not our first choice, we are beyond grateful to live in a time and a place where Liam could come out safely despite his transverse position. Thank you Jesus for medicine and for having Liam come out safely.

Headed off to the hospital to have our baby!
Pre-op kiss
He never let go
He's here. Heaven.
Liam Vincent Ward
Born 12 May, 2011 at 1424
9 pounds 10 ounces
20 inches long
Hi sweet pea
Proud daddy
So excited, he is...
Introducing his son to our extended family
Can't get enough snuggles
Quite a tongue!
Meeting Grampy
Love you baby boy

Meeting uncle Lukey
... and Grandma
... and Pops
... and Namie

*Not pictured are uncle Matt and Courtney who drove from Santa Barbara for the day to be here for Liam's birth. Liam is still looking forward to his first snuggles with them :)
Loves his daddy
Snuggles with Grampy
So handsome
Nothing better
Time to go home! (If only we knew how soon we'd be back... Ha.) His going home outfit was picked out by daddy... Adorable.
Thrilled about the car seat, clearly
Amazing father. Amazing husband. Amazing student. Multitasking at its finest... Studying for the most important test of his entire four years of medical school while loving on his son. He so gracefully juggled the pressures of studying for boards and the joyful chaos that a newborn brings. Amazing.
Settled in at home
Grampy came down to visit for a day!

Can you say basketball hands? We love his long fingers!

First bath at home. Thank you Grandma for his frog bath tub! He loves it!
All clean

Stretch those long legs!
My boys

Amazing grandma. So blessed to have her help carry us through the hurdles of the first month. Incredible momma and incredible grandma, she is.

Adoring eachother

Snuggles with Grampy

Loving the chins...

The bravest boy. Second ED visit. Mommy didn't want to document the first as forgetting it seemed much more enjoyable. Thank you Grandma for the photos we do have of the second visit :)

Home and cozy
Sleepy little one
And yes he does. (Love his daddy, that is) :)
Snuggles with Grandma

Chatting with mommy
Love this boy

Bit of a belly, eh?

Bright eyes
Precious time

Trying on his sun hat from Grandma and Grampy

Thank you Amy and Joe for my lamb chair! I love it!

Playing with Katie

We're done with the cross eyed photos, Liam!

First date out with the family of three. Chipotle and Redlands market!

Play time with daddy

Thank you Evan and Liz for my Liverpool onesie!

Snuggles with Namie
(Post NICU, hence the gowns. Having to take extra precautions with others' germs.)
Thank you Namie and Pops for taking care of us upon our return from the NICU!

Froggy feet all curled up. Love them.
Chatting with Namie about all sorts of things
(Sorry Pops... wasn't good at getting photos of you holding Liam! Next time... I promise) :)

Loving the thigh creases
Visit from Irvin!

Big boy overalls
Liam loves tummy time. Ha.
He enjoys it more when chewing on whatever is below.

The Baby Legs are a tad too large, no? Cute though!
Strong boy

Daddy shows him how it's done

Looking back at Liam's newborn photos I am reminded of how quickly days can go by. The past 8 weeks have included the most exciting times in my life, as well as the most difficult of times. I have never been more worried, more anxious, or more emotionally exhausted than I was when Liam was ill. And the joy that Liam has brought us is also unmatched. Baby boy, we love you more than we can say. Your snuggles, your coos, your gazes, your smiles... all treasures that we are storing up in our hearts. You are a joy and we are thrilled to be your mommy and daddy.