19 March 2010

Happy spring! For myself, spring brings with it hope. I look around and see new growth, tiny buds breaking through the ground, flowers trying to bloom, fresh grass blades growing through the older ones, and I am encouraged. Hope is an element that has the power to sustain and energize one's soul, to help one remained focused on things that matter most.
As of today, Casey has eight weeks left of class in his first year of medical school, followed by four weeks in the hospital and then he will officially be a second year medical student. And while the cliche statement 'my how time flies' is probably warranted here, I actually can say with complete sincerity that yes, time has gone fast, but that we have been very intentional about attempting to soak in the now, to carpe diem to the best of our ability. And while there is always room for improvement, I feel that we have done well at enjoying our "todays" and being grateful for our situation that we are in right now.
With recent tragedies across our globe, hearing of our brothers and sisters in far away countries being so affected by natural disasters, we are repeatedly reminded of our roles that we feel called to live up to, that of a servant. And while we feel somewhat paralyzed being in school with education debt, and the lack of freedom to just "up and go" right now to help others far away, we are excited for the day when we will be able to do so, because of our situation right now and the training it is offering to Casey. In the mean time, we are trying to seek out ways to actively love those around us, because it is easy to forget that there are people who are hurting and suffering right next door when in our little bubble things are so great. So yes Lord, please continue to probe our hearts, and give us Your eyes to see those who are hurting, and the courage to love actively in bold ways.
The past couple months have been full of wonderful adventures. I was able to travel up to Seattle for a weekend with my dear friends and their sweet babes. Thanks again, mom and dad, for the use of your awesome beach house! It was a perfect setting for us girls to relax and laugh together... it was medicine for my soul, as I miss those girls so very much!
Casey's parents have visited us a few times recently... we are so lucky that they take the time and make the drive to see us so often! They took us up the tram in Palm Springs... we left ground that was rocky and dusty, and we were greeted by snow at the top of the mountain... beautiful! And then off to Newport beach the next day for some R&R and a seafood feast... heaven. My momma flew down for my birthday and we were able to play all day, and then she cooked a fabulous birthday dinner while I was at my Spanish class. We enjoyed the delicious meal, she treated us to ice cream, we chatted, and then had to part ways the next morning as I had to go back to work. It was very short, but SO wonderful and very needed. The rest of the photos are random, and hopefully will give you a glimpse into our lives down here in Loma Linda...
My sweet friends... girls' weekend at the beach house
Love you, girlies!
***And since I am technologically challenged, we are now jumping a tad out of order as I cannot figure out how to move the photos without deleting them...
The heat has started to come back, and this is apparently how Linus attempts to cool off...
All ready for Saint Paddy's Day... green eyeshadow and everything

Miguel's baby, Boaz, is officially one year old! Here we are at the little one's birthday party...
Sweet friend...

The birthday party was Ninja themed, and so Casey and I went in our best ninja apparel... that's right, the $5 Target special!
At the top of the tram ride in Palm Springs. Did I mention that I was in sandals without socks? Brrrrr...
Heading down the mountain

At the base of the tram... nervous, are you?
Family photo at Newport Beach
Do you see the bird on the roof right by my head? I was attempting to look natural for the photo, but I was nervous about being attacked, hence the funny look on my face... :)
Seafood feast... I still have dreams about it
Love you, Steph
R&R at the beach... Casey's book of choice: War and Peace (that's what he considers a break from medical school... ha!)
Family Day at LLU. Here are all the first year medical students reciting the physician's oath
We are SO proud of you Casey!
Future docs

More fun memories from my girls' weekend at the beach house...
Auntie Chelsea and baby Maeve
momma and babe
Auntie Melanie with Maeve
Enjoying home made pizza
Bath time
Yay mommy!

Dancing on the porch

And back in Loma Linda... random photos before a date night
Love you hunny
Hiking at Forest Falls with my friend Kristy... we had some fun with the auto timer on the camera...

Meg's birthday dinner
Daily pose...
Something one does in a moment of boredom... pose for a photo with the cat!
Hiking in the hills

As Casey's year is winding down, we are excitedly preparing for an adventure this summer to Papua New Guinea where Casey will work alongside a physician for 4 weeks, and I will hopefully be able to help in whatever capacity possible. (We have yet to find out exactly what I will be doing... more to come here). He will be participating in mobile clinics in varying villages, delivering babies, and assisting in the operating room. SO exciting! How grateful we are to be in a place where global service is prioritized. And while Casey gaining actual hands on experience is extremely exciting in itself, we are also thrilled for what this opportunity means for our relationship... to be able to go, do, smell, feel, taste, and experience something of this magnitude together will be phenomenal.

This Spring we pray that your heart will be filled with hope, that new growth will take place in each of our lives and that our world would be better because of it.

"Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with God's people who are in need."
Romans 12:11-13