18 May 2010

Wonderful memories from the last few months...


Spring camping with friends... so fabulous!

The men setting up tents

We decided to start our outdoor adventures with lattes... roughing it to the core
Smoke follows handsome
Laura enjoying a breakfast burrito... made on the coleman stove!

Casey and Greg... watch those tongs, Case!
Warming up tortillas on the stove

Laura, Greg, Case and I having fun with the self timer on the rocks...

Boys with knives and sticks.... endless fun!
My hat is a shout out to you, Shauna
Meg, me and Amy


We were spoiled with a visit from Mimi and Papa...

Oh how good it was to see you both!

Easter in Santa Barbara with Matt, Courtney, Kristy, and Courtney's mom Trudy

Girls night to celebrate my lovely engaged friend... that's right, Christie and Josh are getting married! Congratulations, dear...


My dear friend Amy spoiled me with almost three days of laughing, talking, walking, running, sipping sangria and beer, fish tacos and frozen yogurt, movies and more talking... Love you, Amy...

My parent's friends so graciously let us stay in their home on Point Loma... this is our view from our room
Balboa Park
I miss you friend, and I am oh so grateful for you!

And to celebrate the end of the school year, (and perhaps just to have an excuse to get all dressed up!), we hosted a "prom" evening, complete with Italian food, white lights, group photos, up-dos and crimped hair, and of course, dancing...
The ladies stringing the lights...

The "buffet" table
Dancing with my hunny...
Thank you mom and dad for bringing my dress down!
Primping together

Dining on the patio
Laura and myself
Becca and myself
The ladies
Group photo
The gents...

After everyone had gone home and the patio had been returned to its normal state, I decided I needed one last photo before taking off my prom attire...
Until next time...