12 January 2011

A few random captured memories...

The past several months have been filled with wonderful blessings. Here are a few photos that have captured some of our recent happenings... (completely out of order, by the way... sorry)

Shauna and her sweet babe Maeve came down south to San Diego for a fabulous weekend holiday. How loved and spoiled I feel to have friends who come down to visit me! We had a weekend full of adventure... Sea World, the beach where Maeve enjoyed playing in and eating the sand and could NOT get enough time in the water, morning walks to Starbucks to begin the day, walks, play time at the park, and we even had a date out just Shauna and I, thanks to Maeve going to bed nicely and a willing baby sitter! I miss them so...
Yes, we are totally those weird people who take photos of our pet, but in our defense he's been our make-shift baby for over 5 years! So this photo may have been posed a tad, but we still thought it was funny... :)
My mom came down for the weekend just to hang out! I love her...
(I am about 21 weeks pregnant here)
Christmas morning in Ione! Here we have some brotherly love displayed.
Christmas morning, again. (Pre-shower)

Card games were enjoyed by all
Post- shower
Casey's parents and his cousin Kristi. It was wonderful family time over the holiday.

Ward men
Christmas party in Orange County with Christie and Miguel
The mandatory preggo pictures...

My cousin Amy delivered two beautiful baby girls this fall, Ryan and Riley. She could not be a better mother, and her girls could not be more adorable!
Pizza night at Shauna's where Amy took her usual role of village story teller/ human jungle gym
My Seattle girls surprised me with one of the most incredible gifts ever this past November... time with them! They planned and planned and managed to surprise me with a flight up north so that we could all have 4 days together at the beach house. Heaven. I love them and miss them terribly, and cannot express how loved this gift made me feel. Fabulous memories were made...
Stealing kisses from Bennett
Dancing was of course a part of the weekend...

12 week ultrasound! What a miraculous experience... We are already so in love with our little boy.

12 week bump

My hunny and I at Christie's wedding. Isn't he handsome?!

Miguel and I

Congratulations to one of my best friends, Christie, on marrying the love of her life. Christie and Josh, we love you!
In loving memory of my aunt Anna... you will always be remembered, and always missed.
Dad and I tearing up the dance floor at a wedding in Malibu
I love my husband!
Congratulations to Jimmy and Nicole Zasowski! We are so thrilled for you two...
Photos from Hayley and Matt's wedding in Washington...
Love you Lukey!
Family photos in the Arboretum

My favorite photo... ha!

Mimi and Papa with their grandkids, minus one. Missed you Bryan!!!
Malibu 2010... thank you mom and dad for treating me to this weekend. What a gift! As always, Malibu offered much spiritual food for thought and encouragement, rest and relaxation, and plenty of play! Perhaps my two favorite aspects of this most recent trip were spending quality time with my mom... playing together, laughing, crying, and just being together. Second would be watching my dad as the oh-so-fabulous boat driver for the weekend, as I don't believe I've seen him relax and play that well in a very long time.
Daddy and his girls
Love you momma
Dad driving Karen skiing, just like 30 years ago!

On our sea plane ride up
Self timer pics with our dear Brisbanes...

Katie and Wayne... oh how we love you
In Ione for Casey's cousin's wedding. Casey unfortunately couldn't make it, but we are both thrilled for Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Amanda Titley!
Back to Malibu photos... Our lovely cabin of women
Mom did the entire ropes course! I was so proud of her!

All dressed up at my cousin Hayley's wedding

The bride and groom's first dance... complete with clouds of smoke hovering over the dance floor
Congratulations Hayley and Matt Frey! We love you!
In our 8+ years together, this morning marked one of the best yet... the day we found out about our new little addition on the way! Thank you Lord for this precious gift growing inside
Our Loma Linda friends gathered at a local pizza parlor to celebrate Casey's birthday last September
Ice cream cake to celebrate the occasion
Happy 29th birthday to my best friend...
I love you Casey Ward