21 March 2012


Aaaaand here are some captured memories of our sweet monchhichi over the past several months... My oh my how time does fly when you are having fun! And forgive me, I've spent hours (literally) on uploading these photos, and I do not have the energy to now organize them to be in sequential order. Ha.

Christmas parade in La Jolla with friends

Liam and Wyatt... BFFs

Grandma and Grampy spoiled us three with a winter holiday in Maui. Oh my, what fun we had! Liam fell in love with the water. Didn't fall too far from the tree, that boy.
Ummmm.... HA!
Love the tummy rolls

You say what?!
Whale watching!
Liam enjoyed the whales from inside the boat
Cheeseburger in Paradise
I love the water and my Grampy!
Happy baby indeed
Half smile, half snarl :)

Goodnight kisses for "Great" on Christmas evening
Enjoying a Christmas dinner... carrots and sweet potatoes
Christmas at the beach house
Why would I open this if I could just eat it?!
The newest addition to the hand-knit stockings on the right... Momma you are talented!
My sweet cousin Amy and her adorable twins, Ryan and Riley. The three Pinneo great-grandchildren finally meet!
Loves his daddy, he does :)
Snuggles with great-Mimi
Uncle Lukey!
Chatting with great-Papa
A wee bit excited about green peas!

Bath time!

First dip in the pool... it was only warm enough to dip his toes, but he loved it!
I melt.
Big boy sitting in a high chair! Belly up, baby!
Grandma, you're so funny!
I love my Nami!
Uncle Matty!
Family photo after Liam's dedication at church
The whole gang, minus Lukey. How blessed we were to have our family present for Liam's dedication
Best grandpas ever!
Best grandmas ever!

Big boy standing up front in church with the big kids for story time

Pastor John, leading us in dedicating our baby back to his Maker. Little one to Him belong... yes, indeed.

All grown up in his tie!

My favorite boys

Liam is not happy about leaving Catalina Island after a great holiday there with Grandma and Grampy. Although when I told him we were going home to his daddy he perked up right away :)

Grampy teaching Liam about boats

First golf cart ride

First airplane ride! Heading up to Seattle for a summer get-away. We missed having Casey with us...

Laurel and Gibson!
Excellent face, Lukey!

Fly, baby!

Aaaand, back in time... much younger, here
Sweet toes
Just chatting away with Lamby and George

Big boy in jeans!

And, back to Catalina Island (~4 mo old)
Big boy in the bath! Again, this boy LOVES water
9 months and moving like crazy! Hmmm... I need to rotate these photos, eventually :)

Reading stories with Nami
Watch how I can chew my cup, Nami!
...and my lid!
Watch how high I can swing, Nami!

Just chatting with Pops
Oh boy, we get to read together!

Grandma, you are so funny!
Oh my. I think less than a teaspoon made it into his mouth.
First time to the little dog park. It was a hit, to say the least :)

I love swings!

And back to Hawaii, hiking with uncle Lukey

Loves to sing, he does

First Christmas morning
Irvin and Liam!
Look how long I am uncle Lukey!
Grampy snuggles
Our little book worm... LOVES to be read to, he does!
My Seattle posse gathered together and Liam soaked up every minute with his aunties. Here he is loving story time with auntie Melanie
I love you auntie Leann!
Again, photos are not in order (boo.) Here is Liam on our flight from Ontario to Seattle for the Christmas holiday. The one sure way to entertain him? Read to him, over, and over, and over...

Our first Christmas morning as a family of three (celebrated a little early before leaving Loma Linda for the holiday)

Chatting with Evan at the Christmas parade in La Jolla
Our dear friends... Liz and Wyatt
My boys with Rob and Leif

Hugs from uncle Matty
Pops and Liam
Loving his Ergo snuggle time with his Nami

That's a pretty neat hat you have there, uncle Matty!

Tall boy, he is!

Liam and Asa, one month apart in age. Great buddies they are!
Liam sporting his daddy's 49ers sweatsuit he wore as a baby!

Ummmm, hilarious face
That's more like it

Our sweet 6 month old!

Please ignore Casey's face here... I think he was beginning to yawn. Ha. But look how sweet Liam's hand placement is... just holding onto his daddy's arm. Love it.
Liam's first official date with his girlfriend Nora. I provided the parental supervision.
A wee bit of drool...
Liam singing us a song
Liam's first Halloween... outfitted in Casey's baby outfit
Just loungin' on the couch!

Aaaand this is Casey's shirt he wore when he turned one year old. Liam is 6 months here and filling the shirt out quite nicely. Oh my.

Adoring his Pops

Can't get enough Nami snuggles

Liam crashed on our bed... daddy stayed to make sure he stayed there and didn't fall on the floor
Toes in the mouth! Best chew toy ever.

More photos from our fabulous Catalina Island getaway...

Riding on Grampy's shoulders
Dinner time with Grandma on the patio
Look who fills the sink!

Mommy you are distracting me from my story time with Grandma!

Ergo nap on Grandma
My boys!

This makes me laugh out loud every time :)
Happy 30th birthday to my best friend. How blessed Liam and I are to be yours.

Summer holiday at the beach house
This water drain was by FAR the highlight for Liam. Water, in motion, is quite possible the most exciting thing to watch.
Grandma can you please hold me here all day? I love this drain so much.
Couch snuggles with uncle Lukey

Meeting great-Mimi
Liam wore his Husky shirt especially for great-Papa

Singing for auntie Leann
Snuggles with auntie Shauna
Catching up with "Great"
Meeting great grandpa Ward!

Sweet friends
Who needs a crib when they can sleep on Grandma?
Meeting Great for the first time
Liam's first flight on an airplane. He's just a tad bit excited about it!
Heading up to Seattle for our summer holiday. Sad to leave Casey behind...
Sleeping in with daddy

Practicing sitting in his high chair

Playing in the tub outside on the patio
Go Dawgs!

Fish! Oh boy does Liam love fish!
Our happy pumpkin

At the beach in Santa Barbara with Nami

Liam mesmerized by the fish in the tank

Taking it all in... :)

We love you more than you will ever know, sweet boy.