27 February 2009

Cocktails and Fabric

Thank you momma for a wonderful whirlwind trip to LA. Seeing and experiencing LLU for the first time, meeting my potentially future boss, searching for rentals, hunting for Blizzards and lattes, looking through hundreds of bolts of fabric to find the perfect one, sipping cosmopolitans... I had a wonderful time with you. Thank you for always listening to, laughing with, and loving me.

12 February 2009

Adventures In San Diego...

Miguel here is 36 weeks pregnant! She looks amazing!
A rat had made its home in Christie's stove, and we couldn't bear to handle the mess sober.
Funny Faces
Serious Faces

Smiley Faces

04 February 2009

Vail, baby!

Snow shoeing in the sunshine

Monday night enjoying live music at a bar in the village
I put that pony tail together
Bottomless chicken wing night
More snow shoeing pictures
Love you, Shauna
The Saloon in Minturn
Lunch break on the mountain
Getting ready to head up to Adventure Ridge
Woo Hoo! We're going to Vail! (This picture should have been first)
Thank you, Vail, for the memories. For the beautiful snow flakes, the sunshine, the mountains, the crisp air, the bottomless chicken wings, and the friendly people. Thank you, Lukey, for being the amazing host that you are... hot dinners and breakfasts, carrying our skis when we were tired or lazy, giving up your bed, cleaning the bathroom before our arrival, and showing us all of the best spots on the mountain and in Vail. How I loved seeing you in your new community... investing in others' lives and making each day count. Thank you for sharing this with us. Thank you more so for being my friend. You have no idea how much I love you.
And Shauna, thank you for your adventuresome spirit and fearless attitude. I love all of our memories and can't wait to make more. You are a friend who allows me to be my true, raw self when I am around you, and for this I am grateful. Thank you for not only allowing this, but for loving me in spite of it. You are a gift.