21 April 2013

Some highlights from the past few weeks...

At the top of the list would be Match Day, where my hard-working husband found out that he was hired as a pediatric resident (that's right, MD baby! It's finally here!) at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland. We are thrilled to have him work at a place where he felt completely at home during his interviews, and in a city where our drive to my parents' house will be no more than 20 minutes. Can't even wait for this chapter to begin!
 Celebratory soft serve on Match Day
 About a month ago Liam fully entered the imaginary world... He loves to bake cakes out of dirt, make "jamba juices" (as we call our homemade smoothies at home) at the park out of leaves and rocks, he will tell you exactly which emotion each of his stuffed animals and trucks are feeling, he will cook anyone alphabet soup out of his letter magnets on the fridge, and pictured above is Liam taking one of his famous bus rides. He one day emptied out his kitchen toy bin and declared it to be a bus. He will usually tell you that he is driving to school when asked where he is going. Watching his imagination grow by the minute has been one of the greatest joys of parenting this wee one so far. 
 Liam's first petting zoo experience at a birthday party for our twin friends James and Miranda
 Liam is a lover. This has never been in question. He always loves to snuggle, hug, be carried, and kiss. After his initial introductions to the animals, he offered each of them kisses. Yes, they were probably open-mouthed, true to Liam Vincent style, but I couldn't quite see with all of the wool/fur. Better that way, I suppose :)
 Kisses for the goat
 First pony ride!
 Our happy boy

 A few are missing from this photo, but these are some of our most dear. Liam and I spend multiple days a week with this crew... they are family.

 Clothes or no clothes, his love for letters continues

 A favorite hiding place. The laundry basket. Recently I plopped the basket over his head while he was standing up and he said "You (he refers to himself as 'you') are in a hot air balloon!!!" He then repeated the phrase running around our apartment with the basket over his head for a good 5+ minutes. Going on a hot air balloon ride is now a regular part of our laundry routine. 

Yay for visits from Pops and Nami! We took them to one of our very favorite local play places... Greenspot Farm. And here is the "brown tractor", as Liam calls it, that we stop to sit on at the beginning of every farm visit.
Liam chased his daddy, Nami, and his Pops through a maze for quite some time. He ran faster and laughed harder than we had seen in a while! Here he is taking a wee rest in Pops' arms.

Loves his Nami, he does
Baking St. Patrick's Day cookies with Les and Nora. Forget the shamrock, Liam requested that a truck be formed out of the dough. Shock. :)
No clothes are required at Liam's kid table. Only that you stay put while eating or coloring. :)
We will miss our Loma Linda patio kiddie pool days... but not more than we will miss these dear friends.

Uncle Lukey came to town! Liam slipped right back into one of his favorite spots... curled up on Lukey, reading a book together. They could not have a sweeter relationship.
And it just got better and better when Grandma and Grampy flew into town! We had a fabulous day playing together, and then headed out Saturday morning for a day at Disneyland... Alas, I do not have any photos to share yet, but believe me when I say that Liam was in awe. How fun it was to watch his little eyes try and take in all that was surrounding him. He still asks to "ride caterpillar train with Grampy", one of his favorite experiences of the day clearly. So sweet. Thank you mom and dad for a wonderful family memory with us 6.

Late posting, as we are almost 20 weeks now, but here is the first official baby bump photo for our growing pea. Liam will tell you that there is a baby in mommy's tummy when asked, and he will frequently tell me "you (I) want to go in mommy's tummy!" He doesn't seem to understand that his time in that location is up... Someone else has moved in, sweet one!
Post bath snuggles

Easter morning at a sunrise service in our friends' back yard

Our church had a bounce house to enhance the Easter celebration... guess who LOVED it? :)

First easter egg hunt. We explained to him that the goal was to find the colorful eggs, and so that is what he did. And said. Over and over. "You (I) found a colorful egg! You are finding colorful eggs!" Casey was the perfect helper and was very patient when Liam wanted to stop the search so that he could look inside each new egg.

Drinking pool water on the patio. We embrace it and consider it to be a fabulous source of hydration.
I forgot to switch his normal cloth diaper to a swim diaper. Oops. He didn't seem bothered by the sag.

The more water on his head or in his eyes, the better. He is a fish.

Caught in the act of reading his truck book to Tow Mater.

Daddy got home early last Friday and took Liam on the patio for some pool fun and puddle splashing. The perfect end to the week, for all :)

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